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Contracting Services | Greensboro, NC



Our services range from conception to completion, beginning with the first stages of design. We feel it is most efficient to get your designer/contractor involved in the earliest stages, this way we can incorporate your ideas and formulate a plan which helps the construction process run smoother and keep costs at a minimum. This is why we offer a design service with floor plans and 3D models, or we can turn existing floor plans into 3D models to help clients visualize their final product. We also offer management services also known as “Owner’s Representative” where we protect our client (the owner) during the construction process and represent their best interest and present their views and wishes to the contractor. In this capacity, we review work installed for design, code compliance and progress payments on behalf of the owner to ensure they do not overpay.


Is an agreement between J.A. Watkins, Inc. and a client for the purpose of servicing the client’s locations and structures, such as offices, warehouses or factory spaces for example. J.A. Watkins, Inc. would be responsible for maintaining safe and continuous operations of your facilities at all times. We know how important it is for your facilities to run at the highest efficiency, which is not possible if vital equipment breaks down. Your days are filled with your own challenges and you do not need the added burden of searching out repair services when something needs to be fixed. Our goal is to provide the absolute best service by responding to service calls within 1 business day, (or within hours if emergency) and completing the repair in a timely fashion and correctly. Our contracts do not exclusivity, and our clients maintain the right to search for service providers at any given time, however, if we achieve our goal, we trust that our commitment to quality service will impress and clients will voluntarily contact us for all their service needs.


We are dedicated to taking on the challenges of our generation, beginning with sustainable energy. if we are to leave a world worth living in for our children, we must create a sustainable world, a world not reliable on fossil fuels, and geared more towards renewable and affordable energy resources. We focus on providing and installing solar panels which have many benefits, such as providing free energy for your home thus lowering or eliminating your current electric bill. Installing energy efficient windows, doors or upgrading your insulation are also ways to save money and conserve energy. Upgrading your home with smart home devices such as smart thermostats, motion sensors or smart locks can make your life easier as well as help to conserve energy by shutting off powered devices when they are not in use. We can create a custom design for your entire home using smart devices, voice activation, and mobile apps can control your entire home, making your life and home easier to manage whether at home or away.


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